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 Miss no good {Delinquent Class 2-b}

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PostSubject: Miss no good {Delinquent Class 2-b}   Fri Jun 04, 2010 5:14 am

Instantly scolded by the principal Reira had just ignored everything that he said by picking her ear.

The Only reason she was in Namimori Middle school was because of a mission. But since she was too old to be a student, she got a job at the school as a substitute teacher.

"hey are listening to me Arieru-san" the principal had said. Simply giving a nod she was set off to her first class, the delinquent class of Namumori Middle School Class 2-b.

To her surprise as she entered the room, they had not recognized her as a teacher but as one of there own, besides, they were wearing that of the same dress code.

The principal had already run off when she sat on her chair with both her feet rested on top of the teachers desk.

"So... What should i teach you idiots." she asked.
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Miss no good {Delinquent Class 2-b}
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