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 Mist Arcobaleno: Hichigo

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PostSubject: Mist Arcobaleno: Hichigo   Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:53 am

Name: Hichigo
Character Description:He wears a jester themed costume.He often puts a mask over his face.He has orange and purple eyes and white and black hair. He also has a double personality.He has a light side and a dark side.He also wears a purple and orange hat and black and white mask.
Character History:He's the youngest of his family,yet he's the greatest magician that ever lived.He killed over 10 people when they made fun of his magic and his family.When he battles , his illusions come to life.He's half angel and halfdevil, or in other words,he can be nice and sweet or evil, mischivious, and crazy.(good=mask off,evil=mask on)
Weapon Speciality:magic and illusions
Pet:A blue bat named Kamui, who helps him float by turning into a cloak.
What he looks like is in this site:[url=http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=Count%20Bleck&order=9&offset=1056#/d2b8spf]
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Mist Arcobaleno: Hichigo
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