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 Luna the "Pure" from the Varia

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PostSubject: Luna the "Pure" from the Varia   Tue Jun 22, 2010 6:32 am

Name: Luna Mikadzuki
Appearance:Luna has long dark brown hair with a tanned complexion. She has light blue eyes, which gives her a cold, serious, killer look. She is five feet and four inches tall. She usually has problem with the male's because of her developed chest. She combines her own clothes and wears it, but she is often seen in a long white dress which covers half of her body or in black shorts (or jeans) with high heel boots also black, and a black leather jacket. She has a tattoo of a black and white wing on her back (which is the proof that she isn't a human, yet a angel with a dark and light side), and a dragon tattoo on her entire left hand. She cover the dragon tattoo with a long sleeved mitten that no one can recognize her who she really is.
Personality: Luna is a type of a girl who always smiles even in sad moment. She is always ready for a good fun, especially when it comes to dancing and good music. Even if her light blue eyes give her a serious and suicidal expression, deep in her she is nice, calm, and caring type of a person.
Story:She was born in a noble family in Italy. Her father was Italian, but her mother was Japanese. She had a very rough and bloody childhood. Her mother has been murdered when she was 5 years old, and four years later her father died of a very rare disease. She continued to live alone with her servants. When she turned 16, she left the house and moved to Japan,though she wouldn't come back anymore, she would always turn and go back to Italy. One day she has been hit by a bullet and died. Still she wanted to live and her will was stronger than anything else, her wish has been achieved and she woke up the other day on the same place but she realized that she wasn't a human anymore because of the wings on her back. That day she met a big white wolf with a half moon on its forehead, the wolfs name was Harufu (winged wolf) and he joined her to her given second life. Today the two of the live a normal life in an apartment in Japan trying not to attract any attention.

Family Information:
Family Name:Varia
Family Boss:
Family Members: Reira,Luna
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Luna the "Pure" from the Varia
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