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 Roukostu Akane Wolffang

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PostSubject: Roukostu Akane Wolffang   Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:08 pm

Name: Roukostu Akane Wolffang
Age: 28 years old
Gender: female
Story: Roukostu lost her parents at the age of 5, not knowing anything of why they died, she was placed into an orphanage, she grew up in that place without feeling anything but anger, but it soon changed when she met Angel. Angel Storm is the head of the Storm family, but he adopted Roukostu, cause he wasn't the kind of man to pass those in need of help, which he found that she need, Roukostu was born with a heart, and the orphanage can't give her the medical treatment that she needed, but Angel could provide it, not only did he take an interest in her, but she also had the flame of sky, unlike her new and older foster brother.

Roukostu's medical condition gets worse, but her operation comes up soon.
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Roukostu Akane Wolffang
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