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 The Great Alphonse! [Not finished]

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PostSubject: The Great Alphonse! [Not finished]   Sun May 30, 2010 2:14 pm

Name of ability: Fighter's Intuition
Effects: This ability is not 'activated' per say, but whenever Alphonse gets into a fight, his senses become heightened. He is able to perceive motion more easily, predict trajectory, and so on. This only helps him to see what is coming and when it is coming, though for it to work, he must be able to see or hear it.
Type of Flame: N/A
Advantages: No advantages on other flames, however it can be used to predict physical attacks more easily.
Disadvantages: No disadvantages to other flames, but if the attack is not visible or audible, cannot be sensed.
Requirements: Requires years of experience of having fists or other things thrown at your head, which develops a sense of prediction or 'intuition'.

Name of ability: Storm Bringer
Effects: A single attack, one big punch, that will most like knock out, or possibly kill, a successfully stricken target.
Type of Flame: Storm
Advantages:It has no specific advantages over any other type of flame.
Disadvantages: No specific disadvantages over other flames, but takes up a large amount of energy, the attack is slow and predictable.
Requirements: Be in melee range, strike with all your energy and flame at once.

Name of ability: The Raging Tempest
Effects: Using a the Storm Flame, Alphonse releases absurd amount of Adrenaline and Pain-Inhibiting hormones in his body. This causes Alphonse to go 'berserk' in a sense. Strength, agility both increase while pain is completely nullified.
Type of Flame: Storm
Advantages: Incredible Physical Capabilities
Disadvantages: Rain Flames - This is because the rain is known for its calming and soothing properties, which nullifies The Raging Tempest. Also, when the hormones and adrenaline drain from his Body, he is left as little more than a human shell, practically unconscious, without a doubt movement will be impossible. This is due to going so far past the Human Body's capabilities that muscles tear, bones crack and weaken, and his logical process is completely disregarded.
Requirements: Requires the Storm Guardian to be losing significantly, be enraged, and willing to sacrifice his own body for the name of victory.

Name of ability: Body of Steel
Effects: This is not an ability that is 'Used', but is more or less the physical state of Alphonse. Due to years and years of various fighting, he has taken such a beating that his pain receptors do not work as effectively, meaning he can withstand more damage, pain, and injury before it truly effects him.
Type of Flame: None
Advantages: Reduces Pain
Disadvantages: Does not reduce Injury
Requirements: Years of training via getting your ass kicked

Name of ability:
Effects: What does it do after it is used?
Type of Flame: Does the ability have a certain flame? *Only if you have more than one flame, which is vary rare and must be approved by an admin.*
Advantages: What is it strongest against?
Disadvantages: What is it weakest against?
Requirements: What does the ability require you to do?
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The Great Alphonse! [Not finished]
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