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 Arcobaleno Leader: Sky

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PostSubject: Arcobaleno Leader: Sky   Mon May 31, 2010 3:46 pm

Name: Sky
Age: Unknown
Character Description:
Sky has short orange hair and blazing orange eyes. He has the orange pacifier hanging from around his neck.
His clothing is: He wears a black t-shirt with the words Arcobaleno on the back. He has a pair of pants that a orange in color. He has a scarf around his neck that hides his pacifier. The scarf is black and orange in color.
Character History:
Not much is known about Sky except that he is the leader of the arcobaleno. He loves to hang out with his friend Tezca who is the Storm arcobaleno. He lives in a house with Christal and her brother Leon due to Tezca staying with Leon. Before he was turned into an arcobaleno, Sky lived in a cabin out in the woods alone with nobody. He then found 6 others whom he thought would make the best of friends. He discussed with them about the Arcobaleno and what there roles would be. They agreed and each one went to the top of a large mountain. While there, they discussed a few more things and soon, they received the pacifiers and gained baby like forms.
Weapon speciality: Sky uses mainly his hands as he is a master at hand to hand combat. But, if can use a sword very well.
Flame: Sky
Pet: Sky has a small kitten on his head named Sora.

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Cambio Forma Modo Difesa - Mantello di Vongola Primo (Change Form Defense Mode: Vongola First's Cloak)
Leone di Cieli Version Vongola (Vongola Sky Lion)

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Arcobaleno Leader: Sky
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